In an era of rapid change, a company’s greatest asset in maintaining key talent is its workplace culture. Workplace culture defines who you are as company on the inside. It is your company’s values, character, and personality. It’s your traditions, beliefs and behaviors. A positive workplace culture is integral in driving your company’s overall success. The decisions you make in your company’s policies and practices shapes your company’s future. Thus, it’s important to be intentional in how you want your workplace to engage your employees.

After all, workplace culture is as important as your business strategy – it either strengthens or undermines your objectives.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the primary driver that impacts all avenues of your company’s success in developing a strong and vibrant workplace culture. According to a recent study by Aon, the most successful organizations take advantage of opportunities to invest in employees. Companies who recognize that it is people who create value have the most success in weathering the storm of economic instability. The top five drivers that fuel employee engagement this past year were:

Source: Aon 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement PDF

These items attract top talent and boost retention. Companies who engage their employees using these strategies foster an environment where employees feel valued. In fact, according to a study by the American Psychological Association, employees who feel valued are 93 percent more likely to prioritize your company’s goals and objectives and 85 percent more likely to recommend you workplace to prospective employees or customers. As such, company leaders must evaluate workplace practices to help ensure their company’s success.

Where to Go from Here

In order to build a thriving workplace, there is no single silver bullet that can act as the cure-all. Indeed, several avenues must be considered. Your leadership will be a critical part of building a workplace culture that leads to a successful future.