In our previous article, we mentioned that your company’s culture ranks just as important as your business strategy. Leadership, management, workplace practices, and policies all possess an impact. But the largest influencer of how your company’s culture is shaped is you.  As a business leader, you must take steps to define how you want your workplace to operate.

If you want to drive your company’s productivity, you must build an environment that engages your employees. In building a work environment that allows your company, to thrive you need to be proactive.

Lead with Intention

To strengthen your company’s culture, you need to understand that employee behavior is a reflection of the leadership.  From executives to mid-level managers, the way you conduct yourself in the office creates a trickle-down effect on employees.  That’s why you and your leadership team needs to be intentional about how you communicate your goals.

As such, the way you conduct your business plays a key role in building a workplace culture that is vibrant or downright deadly. That’s why workplace culture begins with you.

By leading with intention, you create a proactive environment that effectively addresses company issues and reinforces your vision. After all, people shape culture and leaders play an active role in establishing a company’s beliefs. So think strategically and plan accordingly. Doing so sets clear expectations in how you want your company to operate and that creates a direct impact on your employees.

Walk the Talk

Being intentional in your leadership to shape your company culture is more than just words. You must own it. As a leader, you set the tone of the workplace environment and you influence the behavior of your employees. Lead by example. Walk the talk and model the exact behavior you desire from those that work for you. Be intentional, be inspiring. Let your words and actions drive employee behavior and your company’s culture.