Why Select Merit321 as a Government Partner

Merit321 offers experienced, savvy, high-performance technology, finance, security, program administration, and business support professionals. We do that while partnering with you throughout the entire proposal process, from pre-development stage through execution. We tailor solutions to your needs, offering you the benefit of our expertise to achieve higher efficiency and client satisfaction. We do all of this while saving you money.

Proposal Development Support

Merit321 knows that a successful contract starts with a successful proposal. We partner with you to develop your proposal, providing winning, market-based pricing strategies, proven retention plans, and key resumes. We find you the right career professional to help you achieve your goals and help you win projects.

Post-Award Execution

We work with you post-award to ensure successful completion of your project. Our process allows us to source key and non-key resumes, available immediately upon award. We possess a pipeline of quality candidates for long-term contracts, and provide a deep bench of talent to ensure seamless project management.

Cost Control Strategies

Using market analysis, we’re able to find the right talent at the right price. We carefully examine pertinent markets to provide winning pricing tiers. Using precise targeting techniques, we identify candidates who will make the project a success. By hiring the best candidate for the project at hand, and building complementary skill sets, we produce lean, effective teams. Our low overhead, stability, and efficient workforce management strategies result in reduced wrap rates for you. By controlling costs, we offer competitive pricing, which leads to winning proposals.

Unparalleled Retention

Our retention rates are excellent thanks to our people-first approach. We understand the value of our talent in a highly-competitive market. We attract top candidates with competitive rates, great benefits, and offer them opportunities for career growth. We understand our clients’ environment and we screen for the right match of job skills, experience, and personality profiles. As a result, our employees have high levels of job satisfaction and approach each project with an exceptional level of dedication and drive. We also prepare for all contingencies, providing a pipeline of carefully chosen talent to quickly step in should the need arise. Our retention strategies minimize costly and lengthy searches mid-project to keep the project on budget and on schedule to ensure your satisfaction.