Talent Solutions

Our Three Tier Talent Solutions Approval Process

Merit321's talent solutions strategy delivers performance-driven, highly professional candidates to your company. That's why we provide three levels of screening when it comes to presenting you with candidates that fit your company's needs. Our three tier screening process acts as a quality assurance check to ensure you are receiving the best that the job market has to offer in finding your next hire. Check out our capabilities!

Source to Submittal


Our sourcers scour the internet's top job boards and social media sites to initiate the talent solutions search process. They match prospective candidates with your company's specific job requirements and then approve them to the next level of screening, where our recruiters take the time to review each candidate from resume to phone interview.


Our recruiters identify what separates the best from the rest, so that you receive the highest quality candidates. They educate themselves on the technical details of each job requirement's core functions and each candidate's qualifications in order to ask the critical questions that highlight a prospective candidate's professional strengths and weaknesses. They do this while identifying character and personality traits that make them an asset in their field of expertise.

Merit321 recruiters also take the extra step to provide you with qualified candidates by screening their technical proficiency. They validate candidate credentials to ensure that what they see on paper is correct match for your company's job requirements.


Our account managers provide the final level of our talent solutions process, acting as quality control by reviewing each recruiter's qualified submittal. By getting to know you as a company, they identify the prospective candidate that provides the best fit to your company’s values, mission, and business strategy – providing you with assurance that your next hire will always be the right fit for the job and improving employee retention. Every level of our screening is specifically tailored to your company’s inherit need for success. We do more on the front end of the hiring process so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to hiring the right person for the job.