Why Select Merit321 as a Commercial Partner

Merit321 offers you an experienced, professional recruiting staff at your fingertips to provide you with quality candidates to staff your company’s growing need for exceptional career professionals. We provide you with the human capital necessary to ensure your company’s future, and we do so through our customer-centric, people-first approach — offering you the benefit of a rigorous screening process to ensure you get the best and the brightest talent in your company’s industry.

Finding the Right Candidate

We take the stress out of finding the right candidate for your company. At Merit321 our account managers and recruiters partner with you from day one to fulfill your staffing needs. We know that good help can be hard to find, and that’s why we take the time in getting to know you, your company, and the vision and mission for your company’s success. By investing in your company as a partner, we not only invest in your company’s employment needs, we invest in your company’s success. Merit321 specializes in providing your company with individualized attention, from source to hire, to match you with the right career professional.

Our Rigorous Screening Process

At Merit321, we provide three levels of candidate screening that act as quality control gates to deliver top career professionals to you. From source to submittal, our process ensures that you receive only the best candidates for your business. We search for career oriented, performance driven candidates whose resumes and personality reflect the highest level of professionalism and expertise that you desire. We do our utmost to provide you with the very best.

Cost Control Strategies

Using market analysis, we’re able to find the right talent at the right price. Using precise targeting techniques, we identify candidates who not only fit into your company’s budget, but also deliver quality results. We understand that your budget is just as important as finding the right candidate. Our low overhead, stability, and efficient workforce management strategies result in reduced rates for you. By controlling costs, we offer competitive pricing, and we employ unparalleled retention strategies that minimize costly and lengthy searches.

Your Satisfaction

Merit321 holds itself to high standards when it comes to ensuring your satisfaction. We designed our entire staffing approach with you in mind. Our people-first approach is at the core of what we value, and that’s why we strive to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed with every candidate we deliver to you. We take the time to get to know your company, we tailor our recruiting process to your work culture, and we save you money while doing it. Merit321 is the staffing resource for your company’s success.