Recruiters Help-chess-board

In a thriving economy with low unemployment, many business owners suffer growing pains when it comes to their staffing needs. Time is money. Every hour spent trying to find the perfect candidate means another hour lost in running your business. If you’re a business owner with time stretched thin, consider hiring a staffing firm. Recruiters help your business thrive by removing the burden of finding your next employee. We specialize in recruiting techniques to source you great candidates that match your business’ needs, saving you time and money.

Recruiters Possess Inside Market Knowledge

Recruiters possess inside market knowledge that help paint a picture of the talent available in your industry. We leverage technologies that provide valuable data on items like candidate market salaries and hourly rates. Thus, recruiters help you spend less time chasing candidates you can’t afford, and provide insight into strategies you can utilize to find the exact candidate for your company’s needs. Hiring an employee can be a costly affair if you lack the facts needed to make an informed decision. That’s why it’s important to consider us a resource for your business.

Recruiters provide you with valuable insight into market forces that you might otherwise not see, giving you a clear path forward.

Recruiters Thoroughly Screen Candidates

Recruiters thoroughly screen candidates to help you avoid a bad investment. New employees can cost you an average of 45 man hours in hiring and on-boarding. But when that new employee turns out to be a bad hire, you can spend up to an additional four months terminating that employee. This translates to 17 weeks of increased stress on the rest of your team, decreased productivity, and the risk of damaged customers relationships. In addition, it puts you back to square one in the hiring process because now you must find a replacement – starting a hiring cycle that should have ended months ago.

Recruiters help you avoid this pitfall. We thoroughly screen candidates using behavioral-based interview questions. The questions prompt job applicants to reveal how they perform in a given work environment, and identify key strengths and weaknesses that might otherwise go unnoticed. From there, we analyze their responses thoroughly to identify if they match your company’s culture. This help us separate out the best candidates from the mediocre, and the mediocre from the sub-par. We get to know the candidates from the inside out. As such, recruiters give you an advantage in the hiring process and help you avoid a big mistake.

Recruiters Put Your Interests First

Recruiters put your interests first. We act as the initial contact between the candidate and your business. When candidates speak to us, we become your representative. That’s why recruiters can help your business thrive. Our incentive is to provide you with new employees that increase your productivity and reduce your business costs. We serve you first and provide you peace of mind by saving you time – your most precious resource.