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If you’re a growing company that’s having difficulty finding the right professionals to fit within your organization, it may be time to hire a staffing agency. When you leverage recruiters for your staffing needs, you augment your ability to find and hire the best candidates for your business. Below are some reasons why you should consider hiring a staffing agency.

Recruiters Specialize in Finding Talent

Recruiters specialize in finding talent. Your human resources department is not built to be a full-time recruiting operation. They handle your company’s internal employment needs. From on-boarding to off-boarding, to employee benefits and implementing company policies, human resources fulfills multiple operations. A staffing agency, however, possesses laser focus on a single objective: find candidates that fully meet your job requirements.

Staffing agencies possess a well-established recruiting process targeted towards retention. We leverage recruiting technologies daily to identify talent and utilize industry best practices to find candidates that meet your company’s needs. Most importantly, we target job seekers that fit your company’s culture.

Candidate Access

When you leverage recruiters, you give yourself access to candidates you might otherwise not have. A staffing firm proactively pipelines candidates for future employment opportunities. We engage career professionals regularly to learn their core employment interests. This helps identify them as potential fits for your company.

As such, our relationship begins with candidates before they decide to actively seek new employment. We don’t just engage active job seekers. Staffing agencies possess the ability to engage passive candidates who will consider a new job opportunity if it’s the right fit for their interests. This gives you access to candidates you never knew existed.

Saves Your Company Time and Money

A staffing agency saves your company time and money when it comes to the employment process. Time is a valuable resource, and every hour lost to searching for the right candidate means an hour of lost productivity. Companies who leverage recruiters from staffing agencies spend less time looking for qualified candidates. This translates to more time focused on company operations critical to your success, and that can save you money.