Should you use social media in your job search? Yes. With today’s world becoming harder to catch the attention of prospective employers, it’s important to consider your online presence as being an opportunity to showcase your personal brand. Employers nowadays are inundated with thousands of resumes from competitive job seekers who seek to grab their attention, and many candidates all share the same qualifications as you. That’s why it’s important to set yourself apart. Social media is an avenue in which you can do just that.

Now more than ever, having an online presence can be a benefit rather than a hindrance to your job search. Take advantage of the social media outlets that permit you to share your life’s moments to the world!

Using Social Media Helps Increase Your Personal Brand

Using social media helps increase your personal brand awareness to employers. With more companies looking for candidates who fit culturally within their organization, social media empowers you to demonstrate your personal and professional interests. Thus, making public online posts are to your benefit. The various social platforms out there give you an opportunity to shine in front of prospective employers looking for top talent.

However, keep in mind that there is a right way and a wrong way to showcase who you are online. When it comes to best practices, pay close attention not only to what you post online but how you post it.

If you don’t want an employer to know something personal about you, don’t post it.

As for any privacy concerns, today’s social media platforms provide you with avenues to protect yourself.

For example, Facebook provides you with a means to select who you want viewing your posts – whether it be friends only, friends of friends, or the entire public. You can also restrict certain individuals from viewing what you post. Instagram simply allows you to make your profile private.

Using LinkedIn

If you are not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist in the job market – at least that’s what an increasing number of recruiters and hiring managers are thinking.

LinkedIn is the go-to social networking site that you must leverage in your job search to maximize your exposure to employers. It provides you with a dynamic approach to represent your professional background, experiences, and personality – key elements that excite employers looking for career-minded individuals.

LinkedIn is a place where you can expand your professional network and become engaged in activities that help showcase your knowledge and skill set. They also provide professional development resources to help you grow as a professional.

So if you are not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist.

Leveraging Your Social Presence

Leveraging your social presence online can make you more effective in getting the attention of your next employer. If done correctly, you can have companies seeking you out instead of the other way around. Learn to use it effectively and responsibly.