July 7th, 2023
Leila Hamidi-Imani

Felicia Vanterpool

Regardless of the position or organization, one must go through a hiring process. Seeking employment can be a lengthy and often unsuccessful process but the same can be said for the employer seeking to hire the right candidate. An internal glimpse into the role itself, Merit321 focused on their core team and strategized with one of the recruiters, Felicia Vanterpool.

Felicia Vanterpool is from Takoma Park, Maryland, and received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Delaware State University. Vanterpool has two kids thriving immersed with the college world. She has worked in the Human Resource department for ten years prior to recruiting. Joining the Merit321 team as their Recruiter and Account Manager.

When given the opportunity to sit down with Vanterpool, the discussion revolved around not just her role but experience within the company, as well. It was credited that Vanterpool answered gracefully and transparently, as she was in tune with the trends and internal responsibilities.

Industry Experience

Felicia Vanterpool discussed the role she currently plays for Merit321 and what it means to be a recruiter. Given her extensive background within the HR world, recruiting seemed to be a position Vanterpool was able to conquer through an increase in activity and personal relationships with clients and candidates.

“It brings me joy to place a skilled and experienced candidate with an ideal company that will help them cultivate a long-lasting career. In the field I am in, it is a constant change, ebbs and flows. From tons of hiring one month to a plateau the next. I still love it. Being a recruiter keeps me challenged. It forces you to utilize your tools and be creative. Really dive in to figure out what really works and what doesn’t. Being a recruiter consists of a lot of various skills such as being a relations person, sales pieces, and even the basics from integrity to being ethical. You’re not what you do, but you are what you represent.

Felicia Vanterpool

The most rewarding aspect of my job is when both parties are satisfied, the client and candidate. I go above and beyond for each party. I once received a thank you card that a candidate made themself and I was so proud. The card was handmade and it made the experience so much more rewarding!”

When discussing Vanterpool’s role within the company, it was clear to see she was passionate and involved in her work. Recruiting from an external lens can seem tedious or even easy at times, just hiring people or, in some cases, rejecting. As it shows, there is much more to it. Providing a candidate with a new opportunity, whether it is a career change or just a different position. Recruiting is essentially an impactful position towards every individual, as Vanterpool explains, “In the staffing world, I would define the word, recruiter, as the ‘career match expert.’ You’re looking for the most exceptional candidate out there to be linked with your long-time client who trusts your judgement and skills. However, things work out, the candidate reflects you and the client is putting their faith in you to find a superb candidate!”

How Has Society Evolved with New Technology?

Societal norms revolve around constant use of electronic devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to even strenuous laptops and desktop computers. As the digital world continues to grow, even including Artificial Intelligence, electronic development and jobs are evolving, trying to innovate their old positions to fit the new norm. Vanterpool discusses how different trends are such an impactful influence on not only children but those of all ages/users.

Q: When trends are created or influenced, it is a wildfire. Everyone becomes on the same page. How would it affect positions when being filled or even influence trends within the job market?

Vanterpool answered with, “Five years ago, finding a job was based on previous experience and owned skills, but now it’s viewed more on potential, personality, and even technological skills are somethings employers want to see; how its attributing to different careers. A beneficial skill to have and even master. Based on being able to learn or an employer to be trained is a keynote. Experience still matters but traits discussed earlier are what is highlighted.”

Within the workforce, it is vital to adapt and flow with new methods of communication as well as marketing techniques, but when it comes to roles such as recruiting, it is all about relationships and use of language. For instances, Vanterpool discusses the differences between those who have general skill sets filling the hiring role but may not be able to provide that line of communication to employers, clients, or even internal personnel, and vice versa. To be able to not only have the skill sets and perform a great conversation, interview, etc., can be a rarity nowadays.

The recruitment process is certainly a puzzle at times. When discussing more in Vanterpool’s experience, she spoke about what she finds important throughout the process with both candidates and clients.

Q: Anyone can say they can always improve their skills or provide more towards their job. How are you able to improve your recruiting process with merit321? What is your contributuion?

Vanterpool answers, “To find a good balance between demand and supply. To complete personal and professional goals is what drives my motivation. Supplying companies with clients can be challenging at times, but when it comes to developing a business, different relationships, and working amongst companies is always not only completed, but emphasized.”

To thrive and create a successful environment, it takes motivation and applying the appropriate balance. By implementing a time management balance when it comes to prioritizing clients and candidates, it promotes company growth, prosperous relationships, as well as promoting different connections and help fulfill both parties’ needs.

Taking an overview of Felicia Vanterpool’s interview, it is clear to see her own dedication to Merit321. Recruiting is a process and those who take the time to truly dive deep into different roles and resumes demonstrate great attributes towards a company. Within the workforce, it is everchanging, never linear. It is important to find those who have knowledgeable skills of not only the business world, but social as well.