Working with a recruiter in your job search can have many ups and downs as you navigate your way to your next career position. However, it does not have to be painful. Job seekers who proactively use recruiters in their job search not only have a better success rate at finding new employment faster, but they are also more likely to be happier in their next career position. So what can you do to proactively work with a recruiter?


Communicate and communicate often when you work with a recruiter. When it comes to the hiring process, you want to stand out as a candidate of interest. This takes more than just submitting your resume to a recruiting agency in the hopes that you get a call back. Once a recruiter reaches out to you, it is best that you respond quickly and that you take an active role in your candidacy. Don’t hesitate to call a recruiter if, once your resume is submitted, you haven’t had a response within a period of two to three days. If the recruiter and you have already established a relationship, take the lead in following up with them.

In the staffing world, a single recruiter works on multiple job requirements every day. This can lead to missed calls, missed emails, and candidates slipping through the cracks. Staffing agency’s do their best to prevent this from happening, but it’s not failsafe. After all, recruiting is a human process. That’s why it’s important for you as the candidate to take the lead in promoting your candidacy. You are your best advocate.

When you play an active part in hiring process with a recruiter, you demonstrate an interest in the position in which the recruiter is looking to place you. Don’t be passive, promote yourself! Doing so shows that you are excited about the role, and it helps the recruiter advocate for your candidacy if you are a qualified candidate.

What Next?

If you want to find your next career opportunity, you must be proactive if you choose to work with a recruiter. Take responsibility for your career, communicate often, communicate effectively.